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ORION GENIGMA game co-creation workshop Photo: Elisabetta Broglio, CRG

A reality TV experiment, augmented reality app, smartphone game and citizen deliberation forum. These are just a few of the stakeholder engagement initiatives highlighted in a new paper on Involving society in science” published in EMBO reports (Volume 22, Issue 11, 4 November 2021). 

Written by partners in the EU ORION Open Science project, the paper uses a range of inspiring projects and initiatives to illustrate different levels of stakeholder engagement in research and discuss the benefits and challenges of these approaches. 

Ten reflection points on how to achieve meaningful and impactful stakeholder engagement for researchers and institutions who are interested in engaging the public and other stakeholders in their research are also proposed.

The paper is a collaboration between ORION Open Science partners and the EU-LIFE Alliance of Research Institutes.

Read the whole paper Involving society in science.

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