BIOECONOMY in YOUR daily life

In September 2019, from the 20th to the 30th, one of the largest ”Global Week to #Act4SDGs” ever, drove action in solidarity with citizens across the globe including youth groups through #FridaysforFuture and the youth-led #globalclimatestrikes.

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Above are the messages that we focused on during the week.

During co-creation workshops in the EU project BLOOM, VA worked with bioeconomy and the Sustainable Development Goals, the SDGs, to discuss sustainability with different stakeholders in both Sweden and Finland.

Most of the workshop participants agreed that young people, and especially young women, are very concerned about the environment and believe that the circular bioeconomy can be a key factor for the transition towards a sustainable future.

As a result of the co-creation workshops, the BLOOM Nordic Hub decided to launch a social media campaign during the Global Week to #Act4SDGs. The main objectives were to:

  • Raise awareness and enhance knowledge on bioeconomy
  • Gain a common understanding
  • Create a buzz around bioeconomy and its positive impact on environmental issues

As mentioned in earlier articles about the Bloom Nordic Hub, one key factor of effective communication is being interesting to target groups and having impact on their daily lives. With that in mind, we wanted young people to reflect on #BIOECONOMYinMYdailylife in a series of images shared on social media. All of the images we shared were linked to the BLOOM project website and the VA (Public & Science)’s website:

So, did it work? Well, in a week we received over 41,000 impressions and around 1,300 engagements. Of course, we would have liked more dialogue and engagement but this is a positive start!

Please help us broaden the conversation about the BIOECONOMY in OUR daily life! Feel free to share the images below and let us know your thoughts about bioeconomy and the SDG:s.


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