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As part of the EU SciShops project consortium, VA (Public & Science) has been helping to produce a range of resources to support both new and established Science Shops. The resources address various aspects of setting up and running a Science Shop and take into account different types of organisational models.

Science Shops – entities that carry out independent, participatory research on behalf of citizens and civil society – come in many different shapes and sizes. How Science Shops are organised and operate is highly dependent on their context as well as the resources and expertise they have to hand. The EU SciShops project is currently exploring how different types of research organisations, including universities, research institutes and NGOs, as well as for profit companies can develop sustainable Science Shops, with the aim of establishing ten new Science Shops during 2019.

All of the resources can be found on the SciShops web platform or via the links below:

To find out more visit the SciShops project web platform at:, where you can also sign up for the quarterly SciShops newsletter, or contact Helen Garrison at VA (Public & Science).

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