Hanna Mellin

Photo: Gustaf Waesterberg

Hanna Mellin (On leave of abscent)

Digital Communications Manager

Tel: +46 (0) 70 770 47 61
E-mail: [email protected]

As a Digital Communications Manager, I, along with Lotta and Vendela, am responsible for VA (Public & Science)’s digital presence. My work involves maintaining and developing our digital communications so that VA’s activities and messages reach even more people. In 2021, I am involved in projects such as the science festival ForskarFredag (Researchers’ Night), our annual citizen science project called the Mass experiment, the scicomm contest Researchers’ Grand Prix and the News Evaluator. I’m also project managing VA’s part in the European project RETHINK.

In order for research to be able to solve the problems that society faces, dialogue and collaboration between the public and researchers is crucial. However, in our digitalised age, there are also actors who want increasingly to influence us and it is becoming easier to spread false information. Confidence in research and closer contact between researchers and the public is therefore important so that we can make better decisions about how we want society to develop.

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