Anders Sahlman

Photo: Gustaf Waesterberg

Anders Sahlman

Project Manager

Mobile: +46 (0) 70-734 07 85
Email: [email protected]

I work as a moderator and project manager, partly at VA (Public & Science), and also through my own company Melker Media. My work includes project and process management of conferences and seminars, the development of concepts and workshops, for example communications training for researchers.

At VA, projects that I’m involved in include our activities at Almedalen political week, VA’s annual conference and the final of Researchers’ Grand Prix.

All research is worth communicating. By doing this, scientists get additional feedback on their research, it brings up new issues that they may not have previously considered, and they are forced to think about the essence of their research – all of which leads to better research! At VA, we are constantly looking for new ways that researchers can engage the public in dialogue.

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