How does a tree know it is autumn? – The Researchers’ Night Mass Experiment 2013

How does a tree know it is autumn? How is climate change affecting when the leaves of Swedish deciduous trees turn colour in the autumn? Are there variations in autumn leaf development between different tree species and in different locations in Sweden? Is it possible to study autumn using satellite images? These are the questions that the mass ‘Autumn Experiment’ is helping scientists to answer.

This summary describes the results of the ’Autumn Experiment’ – The Researchers’ Night Mass Experiment 2013

Kjell Bolmgren, a researcher at the Swedish University of Agriculture came up with the idea of the Autumn Experiment and designed it together with researchers Lars Eklundh at Lund University and Stefan Jansson at Umeå University. They are responsible for analysing the pupils’ reports.

VA (Public & Science) coordinated the project with practical support from the Swedish National Phenology Network.

The Autumn Experiment was organised as a part of Researchers’ Night 2013, a science festival that takes place across the whole of Europe on the last Friday in September each year. Download the Autumn Experiment English Summary (PDF).

The full report is available in Swedish HERE.

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