European Researchers’ Night – what’s happening across Europe?

Make a comet in London; create a cloud in Italy or explore a volcano in the Canary Islands. It can only be European Researchers’ Night, back for the 8th year running in 350 European cities from Iceland to Cyprus, from Portugal to Turkey.

Lithuanian researchers will be inviting people to come to their laboratories or to meet them in cafes to find out more about their research. For example – what about the water? Mains water supplies in Lithuanian cities are clean and safe but this is not always true of water from wells which often have high nitrate levels. Join Associate Professor Dr. Lima Česoniené to find out about the quality of water in Lithuania, the causes of pollution and the impact on human health. Alternatively Lithuanian researchers will be demonstrating Gladioli research and computers controlled purely by your eyes.

If you find yourself in Lisbon, why not pop along to the Tropical Botanical Garden to find out about plant research and sport. Visitors are invited to bring a flash-light to the twilight gardens.

I am delighted to say that several UK institutions are taking part this year. Sheffield University will become the 6th UK institution to participate (ever) in Researchers’ Night. Eighty researchers will be on hand to welcome visitors to the university buildings.  Amongst tours, lectures and shows, science “buskers” will demonstrate quick hands on experiments including turning marmite white, which I would love to see! Down in London, The Natural History Museum will feature 350 scientists and experts at its open door Science Uncovered event . Or I would personally love to see The Naked Scientists’ Crisp Packet Firework Show at Queen Mary College, London.

In Izmir in Turkey there is also a very busy and exciting programme under the heading “European Science Funday”. Included in the programme are kitchen experiments, bubbles and lego. What more can you want? And it is bound to be sunny…

If you can’t make it to Izmir however, Sweden is putting on another splendid show this year. ForskarFredag 2012, coordinated for the 8th year by VA, will have exciting events in 28 Swedish cities. So wherever you are, go out and have some good scientific fun!

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