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“Engagement should tap into a scientist’s core values”. “Bad engagement is worse than no engagement at all”. “The whole culture of science and society needs to be changed so each fully appreciates the other”. These were some of the views expressed when VA (Public & Science) organised a dialogue session on how to motivate scientists to engage with the public during the EuroScience Open Forum in Dublin on 15 July.

Current research and experiences were presented by invited speakers. This was followed by round table and plenary discussions. A full report from the event will can be found here.

Speakers’ presentations:

A study conducted by Swedish organisation VA (Public & Science) of activities and methods used in various European countries to foster public engagement, presented by Karin Larsdotter, project manager at VA (Public & Science)

Research results on how scientists and European research institutions engage with the public in the context of scientific innovation presented by Giuseppe Pellegrini, professor at the University of Padova and researcher at Observa, Italy

Action research that looks at the enablers and barriers to embedding engagement into academic culture, as part of the Beacons of Public Engagement initiative, presented by Sophie Duncan, Deputy Director of the National Co-ordinating Centre for Public Engagement (NCCPE), UK

A pan-European survey and joint development initiative by the ESF Member Organisation Forum on Science in Society Relationships, presented by Camilla Modéer, Riksbankens Jubileumsfond


Public engagement – International review, analysis and proposals on indicators for measuring public engagement by VA (Public & Science)

Science in Society: a Challenging Frontier for Science Policy by ESF Member Organisation Forum on Science in Society Relationships

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