The World’s Largest Water Experiment launched

Hundreds of thousands of school children across the globe will be measuring their local water supplies in 2011. This giant experiment will be a key part of the International Year of Chemistry, IYC.

The pupils will be measuring properties of their water supplies and looking at the purification processes. Modules involving cheap and readily available equipment will make the experiment accessible to children everywhere, of all ages, in all climates and with all resources.

Participating students will learn about the role of chemistry in ensuring a supply of clean, pure drinking water. Results will be put into an online global database which will map out water properties across the globe.

Through this mass experiment IYC hope to increase public appreciation and understanding of chemistry in meeting world needs, and encourage interest in chemistry among young people. All schools are invited to take part in the experiment. Details can be found on the IYC website.

IUPAC (The International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry) and UNESCO (the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation) jointly form a multi-disciplinary task force, overseeing the development and implementation of the global experiment.

Esther Crooks

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