What happens in the meeting between scientists and journalists

Report from a Stockholm workshop

The boundary effect is a condition of altered friction and turbulence which occurs in the region where the atmosphere meets the ground. The workshop “Boundary Effect: What happens in the meeting between scientists and journalists” held in Stockholm on Nov 9 2005, explored whether there might be an analogous set of rules that only apply at the interface of science and journalism. If so, how do conditions in this “know-man’s-land” affect science, the media and ultimately society as a whole?

The workshop was organised by the British Council, the Swedish Museum of Natural History and the association Public & Science (Vetenskap & Allmänhet). The objective was to explore – during one intense day – interactions between mixed groups of students specialising in science journalism at the universities of Stockholm and Uppsala, and various postgraduates or postdoctoral researchers in natural sciences, altogether some 100 participants.

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