How Teachers View Science, 2004 – an interview survey



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Teachers are a group that has a major influence on the attitudes and behaviour of children and young people. VA engaged the Swedish company TEMO to carry out a broad survey of teachers’ attitudes towards and perceptions of science and research.

The questions were prepared by VA and its reference group for public opinion surveys under the leadership of Björn Fjæstad, in consultation with Arne Modig, Ph.D., of Temo. The survey was conducted during the period September 13-24, 2004 by means of 700 telephone interviews with a representative selection of teachers at Swedish upper secondary schools, compulsory 9-year comprehensive schools and pre-schools, school principals as well as teacher training students.

The results of the survey are presented in this publication. The survey was carried out with support from − and in consultation with − the Knowledge Foundation (KK-stiftelsen), the Swedish Teachers’ Union (Lärarförbundet) and the Swedish Plastics & Chemicals Federation (Plast- & Kemiföretagen).

VA Report 2004:4

Author: Vetenskap & Allmänhet

Published: February 2005

Number of pages: 34


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