How Researchers View Public and Science, 2003 – an interview survey



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VA Report 2003:4

In 2003 VA engaged Sweden’s Temo organisation to carry out an interview survey on how researchers view Vetenskap & Allmänhet, and their perception of how the public views sciences and scientists.

The questions were prepared by VA and its reference group for public opinion surveys – Björn Fjæstad, Lennart Weibull, Lena Wollin and Ingvar Isfeldt – in consultation with Arne Modig, Ph.D., of Temo.

The survey was carried out during the period October 7-22, 2003 by means of more than four hundred telephone interviews with the respondents, about one fourth each belonging to the following categories: full professors, associate professors/lecturers/research assistants, postgraduate students and researchers at companies. People at twenty different institutions of higher learning in various scientific fields were interviewed. The results of the survey are presented in this publication.

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