Eternal life and the ethics of cloning – engaging topics for students and researchers

Could people be made smarter by injecting stem cells into their brains? Should humans be cloned? These were a few of the questions discussed when school students met with researchers at a dialogue event in Stockholm arranged by VA and Karolinska Institutet (KI, an medical university) on 12th October. Ola Hermanson and Johan Holmberg, two…

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Researchers NIght

Let’s meet a researcher!

  It’s Friday night!  Let’s go down town and meet a researcher! That is what the European Commission is hoping tens of thousands of people all over Europe will be saying this week. Researchers’ Night 2011 takes place on Friday, 23rd September in 320 cities and 32 countries across Europe. The ambitious aim of competing…

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Public engagement – International review, analysis and proposals on indicators for measuring public engagement

VA-Report 2011:2 The Swedish government has clearly stated that it is the duty of a university to collaborate with the surrounding society, to inform people about its research results and to work to ensure that its research is also of use to society. However, engagement with society on scientific issues is given a low priority and is not…

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14/06/11 Reward researchers for dialogue!

Make it worthwhile for researchers to engage with society! That is what Swedish association VA (Public and Science) recommends in a new report to the Swedish Ministry of Education and Research. Engagement with society and external collaborations should be measured, assessed and taken into account when allocating research funding to universities. “Money is a powerful…

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Fudged and flaky…? – a survey of public confidence in researchers

VA-Report 2011:1 a summary     This is a summary of the results of a web survey on Swedish public confidence in researchers performed in December 2010.   You’ll find the full report in Swedish here.

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26/05/11 Fraud and outside control destroying confidence in research

Confidence in scientists has declined in recent years. According to a new study from VA (Public & Science), this is because of suspicions that research is being controlled by people with vested interests and because of reports of research fraud. The percentage of people with a high or very high level of confidence in scientists…

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VA demands that society be placed at the heart of European research policy

The public should be made a key partner in the research process! This is the message from VA in response to a Green paper published by the European Commission asking for input on the future of research and innovation within Europe. Failing to take into account the views and concerns of Civil Society threatens the…

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VA Information folder 2010/2011 in English

Information about VA and Public & Science’s members in November 2010.  

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The World’s Largest Water Experiment launched

Hundreds of thousands of school children across the globe will be measuring their local water supplies in 2011. This giant experiment will be a key part of the International Year of Chemistry, IYC.

The pupils will be measuring properties of their water supplies and looking at the purification processes. Modules involving cheap and readily available equipment will make the experiment accessible to children everywhere, of all ages, in all climates and with all…

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18/12/10 Confidence in scientists on the decline

Confidence in scientists has declined by at least 12 percentage points over the past year. At the same time the number of Swedes who believe that astrology is a science is increasing. This is according to the new barometer study from Swedish non-profit organisation VA (Public & Science). 63 percent have a high or fairly…

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