Sipping science with a Science Café

Interested in setting up a science café? Then the new web-book, Sipping science with a science café, is for you. This 130-page book looks at every aspect of science cafés – the history, practicalities, challenges, expectations and impacts. It also takes a truly global view of science cafés, with many funny and moving examples of…

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Science and Society: the New Frontier

The science-society relationship is a new frontier for science policy makers, says a new report from the European Science Foundation (ESF). A special members’ forum commissioned by ESF in 2010 reached its conclusions this summer with an in depth report calling for far-reaching strategy changes and actions within the Science and Society field.

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ESOF session: “Scientists need to feel that engagement is important!”

At the Euroscience Open Forum in Dublin, VA (Public & Science) organised a well-attended session on the theme of communication between scientists and the public. The conclusions drawn from the session included the need for clear incentives and for scientists to feel that engagement is important in order to be willing to engage with the…

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Motivators for public engagement – ESOF round table

“Engagement should tap into a scientist’s core values”. “Bad engagement is worse than no engagement at all”. “The whole culture of science and society needs to be changed so each fully appreciates the other”.

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Scientific Culture and its place in Swedish Society

Scientific culture in Sweden in relation to policy decisions and economic success is the subject of a new report by VA. Part of the EU-funded PLACES project, this report takes an in-depth look into how local and national policies have influenced science, research and innovation in Sweden today and over the last decades. Decisions taken…

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Scientific culture in Sweden – A report prepared for the PLACES EC FP7 project

VA report 2012:3 This report describes the scientific culture in Sweden, focusing on the place of science in society and scientific culture in local policies. Some of the main science centres, museums and science events in Sweden are also described. The report was composed for the EU funded FP7 project PLACES (Platform of Local Authorities…

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21/3 2012 – A widening gap in public confidence in research

  Press Release 21 March 2012 Public confidence in scientists and research has declined over the past decade. Differences in attitudes are becoming greater between highly educated and less educated people. These are the findings of a new analysis that has been done of opinion surveys carried out by VA (Public and Science), together with…

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VA Information folder 2011/2012 in English

Information about VA and Public & Science’s members in November 2011.  

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VA Barometer 2011/12 english

VA Report 2011:4 Brighter outlook for science? Some of the results from the VA barometer 2011: Confidence in researchers at universities increases following a previous decline. Fewer people think that science and technology are too difficult for most people to understand. Four out of ten think Sweden should put more effort into research that has…

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An in-depth day on diabetes

In one of the world’s smallest countries, the island Nauru in the Southern Pacific, half the population suffers from diabetes. The Nauruans are the fattest people in the world. Cause? The high standard of living enjoyed as a result of the country’s wealth. This wealth was created through selling the country’s indigenous and highly-demanded natural…

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