VA Information folder 2011/2012 in English

Information about VA and Public & Science’s members in November 2011.  

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VA Barometer 2011/12 english

VA Report 2011:4 Brighter outlook for science? Some of the results from the VA barometer 2011: Confidence in researchers at universities increases following a previous decline. Fewer people think that science and technology are too difficult for most people to understand. Four out of ten think Sweden should put more effort into research that has…

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An in-depth day on diabetes

In one of the world’s smallest countries, the island Nauru in the Southern Pacific, half the population suffers from diabetes. The Nauruans are the fattest people in the world. Cause? The high standard of living enjoyed as a result of the country’s wealth. This wealth was created through selling the country’s indigenous and highly-demanded natural…

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RRI: the Future of Science and Society in Europe

Excellent science, competitive industries and a better society are the ambitious aims of Horizon 2020, the new European framework programme for research and innovation. With a budget of €80 billion, Horizon 2020 sets out to solve some of the most challenging problems facing European society. An obvious question for VA and many others is ‘how…

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16/01/2012 – Research by young people reveals that we refrigerate our food at too high a temperature

  Press Release 16/01/2012 In three out of four cases, meat is being stored at a higher temperature than the recommended maximum of 4 ° C.  This is the finding of new research carried out by over 1,800 Swedish pupils. The pupils were examining their refrigerators as part of the Swedish Researchers’ Night science festival….

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13/01/2012 – Promote best practice in public engagement! – that’s VA’s recommendation for the Swedish research bill

  Press Release 13/01/2012 Foster public engagement activity and knowledge transfer between science and society! That is the main message of VA’s (Public and Science) submission to the Swedish Ministry of Education and Research for the forthcoming new research and innovation bill. Research-based knowledge must be shared if it is to be used. The exchange…

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Lively discussion between the public and GMO researchers in Uppsala

Is it safe to eat genetically modified food? Does genetically modified food taste differently from ordinary food? Does wild and genetically modified salmon differ in appearance? These were a few questions discussed at a dialogue event on 7 December, organised by VA and Uppsala University. The public met with three GMO (genetically modified organisms) researchers who…

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VA informationsfolder 2011/2012

Information om VA och lista över medlemmar december 2011.

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05/12/2011 Four out of ten Swedes: Support Nobel-prize winning research!

Four out of ten Swedes agree that Sweden should support research that could potentially lead to Nobel prizes. Two out of ten disagree completely. These are two results from the latest barometer on the public’s opinion of science and research from VA (Public and Science). 77 per cent have great or very great trust in…

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Asthma tests and research discussions attracted the public

How do I prevent my kids and myself from developing asthma? Is it something genetic? How can researchers and patients work together in order to find better treatments? These were a few questions discussed at a dialogue event on 19th October, organised by VA, the Karolinska Institutet and the Swedish Asthma and Allergy Association. The public…

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